Vand: Ghost Stories.

It actually took us quite a bit of time to get to Hangman's Forest, a little over a week. Jorden was really looking pregnant, and remembering when Thomas was probably conceived, she would probably give birth in only a couple days.

But, we did finally end up getting to Hangman's Forest. Viento flew us into a clearing and we all parted and stretched. Immediately, we started to set camp up there. And between Jorden making beds and Brand making a fire it happened pretty quickly. And so, we did the only thing we could do, we waited.

"The last time I was here we were fighting a werewolf."

Viento looked at me curiously, "A werewolf? Was it dangerous?"

"Not with Avantra around. I'm sure alone we wouldn't have lasted without her. She's a tough woman."

"So, tell us about the werewolf." Benadette pressed.

I made all of us sit around the campfire before I told the story.

"Well, ok. It was huge, the size and breadth of a horse. Its fur was matted with blood, but not wolf blood, human blood. The fangs in its mouth were as long as my thumb, and about as wide. And its claws were sharp enough to rip through steel.

"When we came across it, it was by the tracks that we found him. But when we finally found him, he was huge. He turned to us and I looked into his cold, black, emotionless eyes. It was like I was hypnotized.

"It was like there was a mist about him, like he was some mythical beast. And then, he pounced on us. His muscles were so defined underneath his fur coat, that I saw the muscles move in his legs as he pounced on me.

"After a tough struggle Jorden, Avantra and I finally managed to defeat him. But, you never know. He could be alive right now, waiting to devour more flesh."

And then, there was some rustling in the bushes and crackling in the trees. We all turned to look, frightened by the story and the unknown noises. Then, a wolf pounced out of the trees and howled.

The End

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