Vand: Through The Door.

I looked into the door and decided that I would just have to trust her. So, I took a hesitant step through the door and then fully passed through the threshold. I looked around me and I saw a regular, normal forest. I sighed with relief. Then, one by one, the others came through the door as well. When we were all on the other side the door shut and vanished.

"Well, that was odd." I say, stretching my arm.

"Hey, this was where I was trying to get too! I remember this place!" Brand said while jumping up and down. "This is where my friend is!" Then Brand hollers. "Yo! Viento!"

And after Brand said this the wind picked up and then a pale person with white hair and white flowing clothes floated down. He looked at Brand with blue eyes and smiled.

"Hello, Brand. It's nice to see you again."

"Come on Viento, take off the disguise, these guys are cool."

The man apparently named Viento smiled and then the wind blew again. And he seemed to change appearance in front of us. His skin darkened and tanned and his clothing changed to have color. His hair became brown and he smiled. Then, Brand hugs Viento and lifts him off the ground.

"It's so good to see you, Viento!"

"It's been a long time hasn't it?"

Brand nods, "Right, I haven't introduced you guys. Viento this is Vand."

I reach out my hand and Viento shakes it.

"This is Jorden." Brand continues and Viento shakes her hand. "And lastly, this is Bernadette." Viento shakes her hand.

"So, what powers do you all have?" Viento asks.

Bernadette answers of us all. "Well, I have the power to control where my arrows go, and I can do health magic. Vand here can control water. And Jorden can control plants."

"Ah," Viento says, as though he were thinking. Then, Viento turns to Brand. "And so, why did you have to come with these people?"

"Right, Jorden tell him why."

Viento turns to Jorden and Jorden tells him. "Well, we're on a quest to end persecution against naturals. You see, we're just scapegoats. The real problem is global starvation. You see, the rains haven't been coming as often and the crops are dying. But as long as the townspeople are mad at us, they're not worried about food."

"Hmm," Viento nods his head. "I've heard of the starvation problem. The wails of the lonely echo on the wind, and I am the one to hear them. In fact, the borders of our grand country are shrinking. Outlying posts of our border are simply dying because of lack of supplies. As a result, our enemies are taking over."

Bernadette looks at Viento. "Really? Our borders are failing? But, if the borders are failing then who keeps the riffraff out?"

I turn to Bernadette. "In all honesty Bernadette. We are riffraff. Thanks to the failing borders we can at least cross the forests without fearing our own nation."

Viento then talks to Brand. "Well, in response to your request, yes I will come with you four on your journey. But, I think we should take a quicker route. You see, I can get us up and over the land, it will speed up travel, turning months into weeks."

I nod, "Hmm, I like that. Umm, Viento, can we ask you a favour then before we go to the Magistrate?"

"Yes, as long as it is within reason."

"Can you get us to Hangman's Forest?"

"Can you tell me why?"

I walk over to Jorden and rub her belly. "Well, Jorden will be giving birth soon, and so instead of bringing him to potential harm we want to drop him off with Avantra, a good friend of ours."

"Ok, I can do that, when should we set forth?"

Brand answered, "How about tomorrow, let's just get our sleep tonight."

"Ok." We all agree.

The End

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