Vand: Ciara

One of the luminous beings fell down gracefully, as if controlling the very space around her. She landed without a noise infront of Brand and I. She waved her hand and then the fire around Brand went out. Then, she spoke.


Her voice sounded like a thousand chimes. It was as if an orchestra had made the words with music.

"Hello, my name is Vand. This is Brand, Jorden and Bernadette. We are travellers hoping to right a wrong in this world."

My voice sounded inadequate compared to hers. I felt embarrased to have such a rough sounding voice.

"My name is Ciara. These are my people. We have been here since the Shaper first created the moon. What quest are you on?"

"We want to stop the persecution of the naturals. Because, we're just scapegoats. There is a much larger problem afoot, the problem of global starvation. But, if the naturals and the unnaturals can learn to band together, we can fix it."

"Hmm. This is a noble quest. Go through this door, and through it you will find another friend. One who will help you on your quest."

And then, a door appeared in the middle of nowhere. And it opened into a green, normal-looking forest.

The End

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