Vand: Magic Fight Through the Fog

Suddenly, two magic orbs came flying at us. One was lighting and fire, the other was wind and water. Brand set himself on fire and began to fight these with martial arts. The fire on his body being the ultimate weapon. He then does a kick and a ball of fire flies through the fog.

Within a few seconds three more magic orbs came at us. I joined Brand by using water to destroy the orbs. Then, I realized something.

"Fog is water."

As I say this I use every iota of my power to condense the water in the air. While I was doing this more magic orbs came to destroy us. But, luckily, Brand was taking care of them. Within a few minutes the fog had finally turned into a series of puddles all along the forest floor. And then, I saw them. Thousands of luminous, blue beings. Clinging to the bark of these trees.

It was frightening.

The End

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