Vand: Thieves, Tricky Thieves

I try to cut through the bars with my water, but it doesn't cut. Then, I turn to Brand.

"Brand, try to cut through with fire."

Brand nods and tries using fire to cut through the walls, but it doesn't cut through."

"What kind of metal is this?" I ask.

Then, Bernadette walks to the edge of the cage. She looks out intently, then she takes out her bow and strings an arrow. Then, she lets the arrow fly and closes her eyes. Within a few seconds, the cage starts to lift up again. Then, she, Brand, Jorden and I all run out from under the cage. And we look around the forest where we are.

There are giant trees, trees that look like they would take ten or twelve people to wrap around. There was this fog all around so that you couldn't see 20 feet away.

"How did we get here?"

Brand shakes his head. "Illusionists."

"What do they want with us?"

"They want our powers. What they do is trap us in an illusion, then they trap us in real life. Then, they set a pack of mage thieves on us inside the cage. Since, we are out of the cage, this'll be easier for us. But anyways, then they harvest the mage thieves and they get our powers."

The End

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