Vand: Joy Shortly Lived

We stayed in the same area for the rest of my birthday. We just relaxed and had fun. But, come morning, we had to go on walking again. When we woke up I looked up as the sky and saw a grey and grimey sky. But today, Brand decided to take the lead, he said he knew somebody who lived around here.

We followed him for a while, with Bernadette keeping the rear of the line. Then, we came to a clearing. A beautiful field with thousands of white, blue and pink flowers.

"Oh, wow!" Jorden exclaims.

I smile and Bernadette seems to be at ease. I get onto my knees and then roll over onto the ground and just lie there, soaking up the sun.

"This place is heaven."

But Brand looks suspicious. "I don't think you guys should do that."

"Why not?"

"It was grey this morning. I doubt it would change into this. I think it's a trick."

"Who would have the power to trick us like this?"

Brand cautiously walks out into the field and sits down. "I still don't like it."

I laugh, "come on, it's not dangerous."

Then, just as I say these words, the bright blue sky suddenly seems to turn into grey and grimy clouds above a green canopy. And then, I notice something else, we are in a barred cage. Brand stands up and runs at the cage walls.

"Dammit! I knew it!" He yells.

The End

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