Vand: Happy Birthday to me.

I woke up to see the makeshift bed I'm in empty. As well as all the other beds. In fact, I was the only one here. I get up, and get dressed, and then start walking around the forest, curious as to where Brand, Jorden and Bernadette went.

"Hello!" I yell. "Is anyone there!"

Then, I see a beautiful, clear body of water. Entranced, I start walking towards it. Then, when I get to the side of the pond I hear rustling in the bushes behind me. I turn around and then Jorden, Brand and Bernadette jump up and scream.

"Surprise! Happy Birthday!"

I laughed. "Thanks."

Jorden grabbed me by the hand and she pulled me up to her as she kissed me. Then, she turned around and led me to wherever she was going. About halfway to our destination she made me close my eyes. Then, when I opened them again there was a gnarly vine table with gnarly vine seats. And it had a giant brown cake with green icing. He laughed as he sat down on of one of the chairs and started eating the cake with his closes friends.

"Thanks you guys, but how did you get the cake?"

Bernadette spoke, "I stole it from a village not to far from here."

Brand nodded, "yeah, I had to come with her incase any townspeople saw us and formed an angry mob."

Jorden giggled, "I just made the table and chairs."

Then we all laughed.

The End

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