Vand: Complaining

"How much longer 'till we get there. We have been walking for like 5 weeks now and we've passed by nothing. There's been no fighting, no villages, no nothing. Just jungles, spiders the size of your head, and man-eating animals."

"Good thing we know magic, isn't it?"

"We should just go the regular way."


"Why not?"

"One, because all naturals are hunted down. Two, because there is a warrant out for my arrest because of my little incident at the prison. Three, because Jorden doesn't like fighting. So, we're taking the long way!"

"Fine then, but how come there are no lakes."

I look at Jorden and smile, then I grab her hand, over the past five weeks her belly has been slowly getting bigger. We're starting to think that she's pregnant.

"Ask the Shaper." Bernadette said.

It turns out that Bernadette is a heavily religious woman. Often praying to the Shaper before and after every meal and once in the morning and at night. She claims this is where we all get out powers from and we should live in thanksgiving.

"Do you know what I just realized?" Jorden exclaimed. "Tommorrow is your Birthday!"

I look at her with joy. "You remembered my birthday? That's awesome."

"We should praise the Shaper!" Bernadette said.

I almost cringed. "Well, then I'll be 19, wonderful."


As darkness settled Jorden made all of our beds. She made three, one for her and I, one for Brand and one for Bernadette. Brand made a fire, so that there would be light. And Bernadette healed all our cuts from walking in the woods.

When we were all finally sleepy, we all went to our beds. And Jorden and I stayed up in our bed talking.

"So, what do you think the baby will be like?"

She laughed quietly. "A little bundle of joy."

"What will we do with him though. He can't exactly go with us on our dangerous journey."

"Perhaps we can get Avantra to look after him?"

"Yeah, but how do we contact her?"

"Give her a message in water."

"Hmm, ok, one moment."

I used my power to put voice into a bubble, and then I sent the bubble off towards the forests where Avantra lives. And thanks to a quicker wind, it would get there faster.

"She'll send the spirit wolf." Jorden said.

"Mhm." I nod.

"What should the baby's name be?"

"Thomas. Thomas Bernard Aquos."

"I love it."

I smile, "I love you."

Then, I kiss her passionately and wrap my arms around her slender body as she wraps her arms around my muscular body. Then, we kiss passionately and then...

The End

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