Vand: Chasing a Ghost.

I turn to Jorden.

"You stay here with Brandon and grow herbs that will help him. I'm going to try to find whoever shot him."

"Ok, I'll see you Vand."

Immediately, I start running. Running in between trees, over roots, under branches. All in an attempt to catch whoever shot Brandon. Perhaps he would have the antidote. Then, I heard the sound of an arrow hitting a target. I looked my left and saw an arrow. I followed the trajectory and saw someone in the upper canopy. I used the water to trip him and bring him down, he tried firing arrows at my water but it didn't do anything. Finally, I managed to trip him and he fell, I caught him using water of course and then I let him down onto the ground. Afterwards, I put my water back into the jug. Then, I put my foot on his throat and I pulled back his hood to see that he was... a she.

"Hello." I said.

"Hello." She said with a raspy voice.

"Why did you shoot my friend? Actually, bad question. Do you have the antidote to the poison?"

"Hehe, yes, I have the antidote. It's magic." She cackled.

"So the poison is magical in nature?"


"Then, you're coming with us."

I used water to pick up and she had no choice but to follow me. Considering she was being held a good foot above the ground. When I finally got to Brand and Jorden Brand had dark lines running down his face. I knelt down for a pulse but found none.

The End

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