Vand: Defenders of the Wood

"You should be quiet because it irritates the wood."

"Great, thank you Brand."

"Hey, this is no problem, just a little firepower's all we need."

And then, Brand did something incredibly stupid. He created fire and used it to attack the elven archers. I, being quick, grabbed Jorden and jumped into the forest with her. And I looked back to see Brand still alive.

"See, all dead."

I stand up, extremely surprised.

"Why aren't you dead?"

"Arrows burn."

Then, I hear the sound of a bowshot, and then Brand doubling over in pain. I ran over to him and saw what had happened. He got shot with an arrow in his chest.

"This is what happens when you're stupid." I say as I rip out the arrow.

"Agh!" He screamed.

"Well, no one said it'd be good."

But then, I see the arrow.

"Poison-tipped." Jorden says.

"Yeah, poison-tipped." I repeat.

Brandon's eyes widen in fear, fear of his own death. Then, I hear the rustling of trees northwest. I look and see a couple waving branches. I turn to Jorden.

The End

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