Vand: Brand's Enthusiasm

"Why are we going in this direction? The Palace is that way."

"We're going on a roundabout way because we can't get caught."

"Why can't we get caught?"

"Because, I'm wanted for breaking out of jail and she's a natural."

Brand pauses a bit and thinks.

"Have you met other naturals on your travels?"

"Only one other than ourselves. Her name was Avanta. She was a character."

"So, why didn't she come along?"

"She felt like the forest was her home. She couldn't bring herself to leave it."

"Ah, I see." There was a few precious moments of silence. "Why don't we go back and try to convince her?"

"Because, she lives there and that's that."

"Ah, I see."

Then Jorden spoke. "You're a real character yourself."

"I am?"

"Yeah, and quite talkative."

"Well, I have nothing to hold my concentration on. I need stimulation."

"We should teach him how to be quiet." I say to Jorden.

"Why should I be quiet?"

And then, we all heard the drawing back of bowstrings. I looked around and saw several archers with their arrows pointed at the three of us.

"You should be quiet, because it irritates the wood."

The End

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