Vand: Meeting the Fire Magician

Jorden was carrying and child that was still wailing and she wall following me. And I was following this beast made out of fire. We were following the creature because we both wanted to meet this Brand that we heard about.

"Now, be very respectful before the Master. Or else his fiery temper may explode and you may be caught with it."

I shrugged it off, I didn't expect to be destroyed today. And finally, we reached the end of our journey as we came up to this throne with a bulky, blonde haired man. He was wearing only a necklace of rocks and a pair of shorts, his entire chest was exposed. There were two men around the throne that were meditating and obviously in deep thought. The two men were dressed in a similar fashion to Brand. They both had  chinese hats and a pair of orange pants and both were shirtless.

"Hello, Brand, my name is Vand Aquos. It is nice to meet you."

"Before I speak, make the child stop crying."

"Kind of hard right now, you murdered his family!" Jorden said.

"Very well."

As he said this Brand clenched his fist and one of his fire beasts turned into a human. And this mock human lifted the child from Jorden and walked off with it.

"What are you going to do that child?" Jorden cried.

"Keep it safe." Brand smiled. "At any rate, what do you want to talk to me about?"

I spoke. "We want to enlist you in a quest of ours."

Jorden finished. "We are on our way to the Palace to convince the Magister Lord to stop persecuting naturals because we're just scapegoats. What's really going on is a lack of food. And so the Magistrate just keeps the populations scared of us instead of dealing with the problem head on."

"I see. I find your quest noble, but I'm afraid I must resign. I have my pe-"

Suddenly, one of two men on the sides gets up and interupts Brand. "Actually, I like the idea."

Completely confused, I asked the most obvious question.

"What the heck is going on?"

The man who was meditating replied. "I'm the real Brand. You will have no idea how many people are trying kill me. This is one of my guards, and he acts as leader in my place. Controlling all of the different fire forms takes concentration."

"Well, so do you want to come with us?" I ask again.

"Yes, actually, I would love too. But I guess I should tell you really what happened to the village."

"Yes, please do." Jorden replied.

"Well, some Royal Guardians from the Magistrate came and got the wrong village. They thought that this small village of people was a rebel camp. So, they were going all out. My fire forms fought diligently and herded the people into another, safer camp." He smiled boyishly. "So, I'm sorry for any inconvenience."

"No, it's OK."

So, Brand then said goodbye to his guards and was ready to leave with us. And then, we all left the village of fiery beasts.

The End

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