Vand: The Village of Fiery Beasts

After a few weeks of wandering the forest Jorden and I continue on our journey to the Palace we come across a small child crying on the side of the path. Jorden bends down to comfort him.

"Aww, it’s ok. What's wrong?"

She then lifts him up and carries him around while patting him on the back. He seems inconsolable, tears coming down his face like a river. He reminded me a lot of myself when I was left alone. But then, in between his sobs he wails some understandable speech.

"Dead! They're all dead!"

As he screams this Jorden looks at me with worry. Worry for both the boy and what might have happened.

"I'll take the lead. I'll protect you." I say to Jorden.

I step in front of her and begin walking along the path. I could barely hear the birds and the insects for the wailing of the small toddler. The trail then spread out into a clearing, and in this clearing was a burnt village. It wasn't the same village as the Injured Squirrels, so we knew they were ok. But, it was a village.

"No! No! I don't want to go back! The fire! No!"

I looked back at the child with a quizzical look.

"The fire?"

"Look out behind you!"

As Jorden screamed this I turned around and was greeted by a fireball. It hit my chest and I flew backward a few feet. I got up and got my water out and began looking for the source of the fireball. Then, I saw another fireball coming at me. Immediately, I used the water to disable it. All while this was going on the child was wailing louder and louder.

"Why are you here?" An unknown voice shouted.

"We are explorers. We found this child along the path. Then we found this village. We just want to know what went on here."

Then, fire in the shape of a man walked towards me. He stopped about ten feet in front of me, and even then the heat was almost unbearable.

"That child is part of the race of humans. They settled this area without any permission and when they saw us they started killing us. They have brought this fate upon themselves."

"But the children?" Jorden asked, disgusted.

"They deserved their fate." The fiery beast said.

"How are you beings possible?" I asked.

"We are possible because of Brand Pyros, the great fire magician."

"Really? Is there a way we can manage to meet Brand Pyros?"

"First, tell us your names."

"I am Vand Aquos, water mage of the highest degree."

"And I am Jorden Geos."

"I see, since you two are not humans, you can meet Brand."

And then, the fiery beast turns around and begins to walk, leaving char wherever it steps. I follow it and Jorden comes as well with the child.

The End

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