Vand: Taking Down a Werewolf.

Jorden, Avantra and I are wandering through the forests looking for the tracks to a werewolf, specifically, the one that is attacking a village of rebels. I think we're just going in circles, but Avantra seems pretty confident in her abilities and Jorden seems to trust her. So, what can I say?

"Found one!" Avantra screams in excitement.

"You found a track?" Jorden eagerly asks.

"Yes, right here, look."

I look at what she is pointing at.

"I can't see a thing."

Avantra shakes her head.

"Silly city boy."

"I wish." I say under my breath.

So, now Avantra was crawling along with her nose an inch to the ground, following these tracks. Jorden is following in close second and I am last. In fact, the tracking starts to drag on for a couple hours. But then, I hear the huffing of a large animal. Avantra stands up and Jorden stops and I look forward. And we all see the giant wolf. Then, we all see the giant wolf lunge at us with its sharp claws.

Avantra does a summersault away, Jorden runs to the right and I grab the paw. I use my powers to use the water in my jug and I blast the wolf away, not enough pressure to cut the skin though.

Jorden starts weaving vines so that we are now in an arena, bordered on all sides by vines. Avantra breaks off the limb of a tree and waves it around and then I see something quite spectacular. A mist form of a wolf comes out of Avantra's body. Together, the warrior Avantra and her spirit wolf attack the werewolf. I then use water to attack the werewolf, by sending high pressure water right through the werewolf's body.

Jorden grows vines to try to trip the wolf, and when I use water to push the wolf away it gets caught in one of Jorden's vine traps and it falls to the side, while its leg is broken and the bone sticks out. Avantra, without any holding back, shove the stick right through the werewolf's head and I just put my water back into the jug.

"Oh wow! Now there was a rush." Avantra says.

"Yeah, it was quite awesome." I reply.

Jorden pulls the vines away with her power and creates a door. We all walk through the door and then Avantra's spirit wolf goes back inside her. We see a downed tree and decide to sit on it for rest.

"So, Avantra, Vand and I are going to the Palace to convince the Magister Lord to stop persecuting us naturals. Would you like to come?"

"You know that I would want too. But, I can't. I have to stay here, this forest is my home. And if I leave it behind who will protect it." Avantra looks up at the canopy above us. "I would love to come, but I can't. I hope you understand."

"I understand perfectly. Well, I hope that one day Vand and I can call on you for help."

"Believe me, you two are always allowed in my forest."

"Thank you."

And so, with that final word, Jorden gets up off the fallen tree trunk and smiles at me. I get off the fall tree trunk and I hold her hand as we follow the forest trail. I look back at Avantra and wave goodbye, and she waves back. Then, I look onward, to the future, to the next chapter.

The End

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