Vand: Wolf Tamer

Jorden and I wander southward to find the wild wolf that had been terrorizing the rebel village. We didn't want to hurt it, but if we could pacify it that would be great.

"Can't you grow a type of plant that relaxes it?"

"Yes, but it's only short term. I can't keep it relaxed forever."

I sigh, but continue walking onward. After a few minutes I speak again.

"We haven't even found the wolf. Maybe it went away."

"Nice try."

"I can try can't I?"

"Maybe." She smiles and giggles.

We stop and I hold both her hands and I lead her against a tree.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

And then, I kiss her. And as I kiss her fists clench and she leans into the kiss. As we both stand there I suddenly hear a stick crack. I turn my head quickly to the sound and I see a woman standing there.

"What have we here? A couple of lovebirds."

I let go of Jorden's hands and I walk towards the mysterious woman.

"Who are you?"

"Name's Avantra, I'm a wolf shaman you see. And I was patrolling these forests. There's a rebel village you see, and they hunt wolves. And they been trying to hunt my spirit wolf but he went and taught them a lesson."

"I see my name's Vand and this is Jorden. We have bad news."

"And what's that?"

"We were sent to kill the wolf."

"Well, if ye be killin' the wolf. You'll have to kill me first."

"We don't want to kill the wolf. It's just, you see, the villagers want the wolf to stop attacking them. So, if you can just get your spirit wolf to stop attacking the villagers then we'll be on our way."

"It ain't my wolf attacking them."

"What? Then what is attacking them?"

"A big wolf, the size of a goddamned horse. Me thinks it's a werewolfs, but you never know."

"Oh, a giant wolf, that makes things a lot easier."

Then, Jorden walks up to me and grabs my hand.

"So, you two plan on takin' down the wolf all by your lonesome?"

"Well, yes, that was the plan."

"How 'bout I come with? Can't hurt."

I look at Jorden to see if she had any qualms about it, but she just quietly nodded.

"Alright," I say as I turn to Avantra, "you can help us with the wolf."

"Can you help us find the wolf?" Jorden asks.

Avantra nods, "yeah, me trackin' skills are top notch."

At this, Avantra starts walking off; Jorden and I follow her into the expansive jungle.

The End

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