Vand: Injured Squirrels.

I wake up to face a brand new day, with the sun shining through the canopy and the birds and insects chirping to the morning. I roll over and see Jorden still asleep, so I get up and explore the surrounding area.

On my exploration, I hear chanting and the beating of drums. I follow the music and see a small village in a clearing. One of the men sees me and starts running towards me. I start running back to Jorden. When I finally get back to Jorden I see her still asleep on the ground with about five men pointing spears at her.

"If you don't come with us we'll hurt her." One of the men says.

"Let me take her with me."


I bend down and shake Jorden awake. The men put their spears away for chivalry's sake. Jorden wakes up smiling, but then she sees my tense expression.

"What's going-"

And then she sees all the men. She gingerly stands up and holds my hand, and together we are escorted to the village I saw in the clearing earlier. We are escorted to the hut in the centre of the village and inside it is a man on a chair.

"Hello." The man says.

"Hello, my name is Vand and this is Jorden."

"What were you two doing in the forests?"

"Sleeping, honestly. We're on a quest to go to the Palace and try to reason with the Magister Lord about the persecution of naturals."

"Why would reasoning work?"

"Because," says Jorden, "I have the ability to control plants. And I can grow a single seed to maturity within seconds. The problem is not naturals; the problem is lack of food. The rains aren't coming as often as they should, and therefore the food is suffering. We're running out of food. But as long as the people are scared of naturals they're not complaining about the food."

"I see your point. We are a rebel group called the Injured Squirrels. We are trying to destroy the Magistrate with our use of magic."

"Destroying the Magistrate won't help at all." Jorden replies. "It just makes the unnaturals fear us more."

"Well, we all have our methods, and if you speak out of turn again I'll have you executed." The man paused. "Here's what I propose, we will set you free if you do a small errand for us."

"What kind of errand?"

"There is a wild wolf on the loose that is killing out villagers. Take care of it."

"A wild wolf?" I say, with surprise.

"We'll do it." Jorden says.

I look at Jorden, "We will?"

She looks back at me, "You have control over water, stop being such a pushover."

I look down. "We will."

"Very well, the wolf was last seen south of the village."


And with that, Jorden and I leave the hut and go towards the south.

The End

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