Vand: On The Run.

However, paradise cannot last forever. As we were wandering it seemed there were still guards on the lookout for me, if only I hadn't been so stupid when I came here.

"So, tell me about yourself Vand, other than the sea monsters and being an orphan."

"Well, when I first came here I got arrested for magic. I was in prison for three years. And I used a few drops of sweat to slaughter a whole legion and destroy the prison."

"That's terrible!"

"It had to be done."

"You didn't have to hurt anyone. Each time us naturals kills another unnatural it just sows the seeds of hatred and fear. They see us a mindless killing machines, just destroying willy-nilly. Even the healers, they have some sort of deranged fear of. You can't kill the humans."

"Ok, for you. For you, I will not kill them."

"Thank you, Vand. Thank you."

Then, we heard some rustling in the trees behind us, and then two guards appeared in view.

"Stop! We are here to arrest you!"

Immediately, Jorden tires to stop them by creating a wall of criss-crossing vines. But I grabbed her by the hand and we ran away. The guards used some sort of fire to cut through the vines and they just continued to follow us. I turned around in a feeble attempt to protect Jorden.

"We are not the problem! We are scapegoats!"

Then, I take the water from my jug and I use it to trip both of the guards. Then, I continued to run with Jorden. But one of the guards threw a ball of fire at us. His magic stunk and Jorden, while still running, and made a vine to go into its path, effectively stopping it. Together we continued running, holding each other’s hands. Then, I saw a river.

"Come on, into the water!"

Together, we both jumped into the river and I made the water overflow, so that it covered us both. And I used my powers over the water to create a little pocket of air for Jorden. We both waited in the water and watched as the guards that were pursuing us jumped over the river and ran past. Together, we sat up in the river and took deed breaths.

"Oh wow, that was close." I said.

"I know we have to be more careful next time."

"How will we get into the Palace if this is what happens each time a guard sees us."

"I don't know, but I'm scared."

Then, she did something I wasn't prepared for. She kissed me. Then, I started kissing her back. It was an extremely romantic moment, especially as the water flowed past us. Then, she broke the kiss.

"I," she stumbled over her words, "I'm tired I think we should get some sleep."

I nodded in agreement as we got out of the river. She used her powers to create wonderful and comfortable weeds and flowers for our bed. Then, we both lay down and slept.

The End

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