Vand: A Kind Soul.

I woke up at the bottom of the ocean, confident that there were no more people looking for me. So, I swam to the surface of the water and I used the water to propell me up where I was then standing atop the surface. I looked and saw a large jug floating toward me. I bent down to pick it up and then a large blue ribbon was blown into my face. I then tied the jug to my back with the blue ribbon. And I filled the jug with water.

"This way, I'll never be caught off guard again."

Then, I went to walk on the mainland again but I heard a voice humming. Immediately, I fell through the surface of the water, not wanting to be seen. But, I saw her. She was beautiful, radiant, extraordinary. She was, in one word, amazing. And so I watched her as she took as seed from her pocket and buried it into the soil. Then, I saw as she made the seed grow into a full grown apple tree in seconds. She picked an apple and started eating. And I smelled her magic, it smelled amazing.

I used the water to push myself so that I was on the surface of the water again and I made the water that was on me go away so that I would appear dry.


I never thought about it before, but I was fairly attractive. Having lived on an island I often swam. Therefore, my skin was tanned and my muscles were well-built. She turned to look at me and she smiled and tucked her brown hair behind her left ear. She has beautiful green eyes that looked into my soul.


I walked over to her and stopped about a meter away.

"My name is Vand Aquos. I saw you use magic. I can control water, watch."

As I said this I created two sprays of water that turned into the outline of a heart. He blushed and she giggled.

"My name is Jorden Geos. It's nice to meet you."

"So, where are you going?"

"I'm going to go to the Magister's Palace. I want to try to reason with him."

"About what?"

"The persecution of naturals. We're just scapegoats for a bigger problem, lack of food. The rains haven't been comming as often as they should, and as a result food has suffered. We can hardly grow food. But, I can use my magic to fix it. If the naturals and the unnaturals would just band together we would be able to fix it."

"Ok, then I will follow you."

"I'm glad."

And so, I followed her. She knew the way to the Palace, but she was taking a roundabout way because otherwise the guards would arrest us. We slept when we were tired, we ate when we were hungry, and we drank when we were thirsty.

The End

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