Vand: This is Madness. No, This is Freedom.

I had spent three years in the prison. Each day adding to my anger, but each day I was able to listen to the guards talk.

"They say that there'll be no more tomatoes this year. Not enough rain."

"Yeah, I hear them saying there'll be no more asparagus either."

They all were talking about the shortage of food. 'Not enough rain.' was what they all chalked it up to. And I guess they were right. But I was bitter, not really caring about what they were talking about.

Then, something odd happened. A man with dark hair in expensive clothing starts walking down the aisle.

"Master Lord, what would you be doing here?" The guard spoke, with an obvious hint of fear.

"Not your business just let me pass."

"Yes, sir!" The guard says eager to get out of his way.

The man walks right up to my cell and passes. But then, I notice something, the guard was sweating.


As I say this, I use every ounce of my controlling powers to bring that water to me. It comes, through three walls and the guards head, five beads of sweat. Then, with this water I cut apart the bars to my cell and walk out. All the guards take out their swords and try to attack me but with these five beads of sweat I cut apart all of their weapons, and then I slaughter the entire guard unit.

I start going insane with the sweat, I set all the other captives free and start destroying the prison. I leave the prison and as soon as I leave it crumbles to the ground, utterly destroyed. I see a man carrying a barrel full of water, and I take control of that as well.

I use the water to create a sphere around me, then I let it all loose and spikes of hardened water go flying away from me. Then, I run towards the ocean.

And when I get to the ocean, I fall into the water. I use my control to breath underwater and I settle down at the bottom of the ocean, waiting for them to stop looking for me.

The End

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