Vand: A Whole New World

After the tearful goodbye with Abrasil I started walking around. The ground was not gritty or grainy so it was odd. I had not walked on solid ground for a good 10 years. It had been so long ago, I couldn't remember.

But this new world was amazing. There were trees, and birds, and insects, and animals. It was heaven: the birds and insects were the Choirs of Angels and the air around me was God. I walked barefoot along the dirt and soil. It was perfect, it was fine.

Eventually, I came across a village. A village, with other people! I had not had contact with another person for 10 years, I was so happy! I ran towards the village and saw a man holding a crate of a red fruit.

"What's in the crate?"

"Tomatoes, do you want one kid?"

"Tomatoes." I say with infinite awe. "What's a tomato?"

The man takes a double take. "Where're you from, kid?"

"An island in the middle of the ocean."

"Huh, well then. How did you cross the ocean?"

"I walked."

"Hmm, did you say you walked across the ocean?"

"Yeah." I say as I nod.

"So, you can use magic?"

"Yep! I can control water."

The man's eyes widen in fear. Then he drops the crate, picks up a tomato, and throws it at me. Then, he calls for guards.

"Guards! Guards! We have a witch!"

I was confused, I feel and began to cry. Why were these people rejecting me? What was wrong, did I do something? Then, the guards come.

"You're coming with us." They say as they grab me by my arms.

They drag me along and put me into a small room with bars and concrete walls.

"I WANT OUT!" I scream, but they don't listen to me.

But then, they come into my cell with a red hot iron and they press it agianst my cheeck. 'Witch' it burns into my fless. But, each moment I stay in the cell, hatred and anger build up inside.

The End

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