Vand: Back to the Present and the Mainland

So now you know. Well, the beggining of it. I have to say it doesn't get much more interesting. Just dreams, dreams that lasted a long time. And the perfection of my powers. Of course, my parents came by the island once a year. Not, by as in near, just in the general vicinity. About four years ago, the Leviathan started seeing a young boy with them, my brother. The won't tell me his name, or the name of the rest of my family for that matter. I am alone, alone in this world.

But, after ten years of perfecting my powers I am now able to walk on water. I wouldn't have believed it when I was 6 and still learning how to make a pillar of water. But now, my power has exceeded all of my wildest imaginations. So, I'm going to go to the mainland and try to make a life for myself.

It must be better than this island. My prison for the last ten years. Last night the sea monsters had given me a gift, a wonderful blue cloak, a reminder of the ocean.

So, I took my first step onto the water, it held. I took another, it held as well. Convinced at my own power I began to walk along the oceans. Then, a Leviathan came up out of the water and began speaking to me as I walked to the mainland.

"Will you be OK?"

"I'll be fine, Abrasil, thanks you."

"You remember our pact last night?"


"We, Sea Monsters, make a pact with you, Vand. A pact that when you die your soul would be one with the ocean. So that you can have a place to belong, and you can have control."


"Yes, I remember it clearly. Thank you."

"You're welcome. Listen, Vand, I believe you going there is kismet, fate. So, be sure to live your life with complete integrity."

"Ok, I will."

"Remember us when you go to the mainland. We will always be there for you."

"Yes, thank you."

"And if you find your family, do not blame them."

At this, I turn and stop. "I will try." Then, I continue walking again.

"If you ever need to strengthen your powers just go into the water. We taught you how to breathe underwater, and how to live underwater, so you will be safe."

"Yes, thank you."

As we continued to talk, we also neared the mainland. When we finally got to the mainland, I took my step on solid ground and turn back to Abrasil.

"Thank you for everything your people has done for me. I will always remember it."

"Likewise, we will always remember you."

The End

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