Vand: Dream #2

I went back to sleep on the grainy sand beach. I closed my eyes above land and opened them again underwater.

"Welcome back, Vand."

"So, what are all of you?"

"We are sea monsters. Well, that is what your kind calls us. I am a Leviathan. There are two other species of sea monsters. The Dragons and the Kelpie."

"And what do you want with me?"

"Your life now is in your dreams. We want to teach you to use magic. You see, you've been eating sacred fruit and drinking holy water."

"What do you mean by that?"

"The fruit, make the mind run sharper. You are six years old, yet you have been forming complete sentences and accurate arguments, quite odd. And the water, it infuses with your magical capabilities. Whatever magic you could have casted before, now it is replaced with hydromany, the art of controling water."

"So, what about my family?"

"You're family left you here alone. We will tell you if they come by again. But, I wouldn't worry about them."

"What are you going to teach me first?"

"How to make a pillar of water."


Then, I wake up, with the sky above me and the sand below me. My mind is sharp, and my body tanned. A whole month had passed while I was dreaming.

The End

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