Vand: Dreams are real.

After about a month of living by myself, I started seeing strange creatures in the ocean. I would often look out over an outcropping of rock on the island to watch them splash around in the water.

After a couple weeks I started seeing the creatures in my dreams. Every night in my dreams I would go into the ocean and these creatures would be swimming around. Some are long and serpentine, others are dragon-like and have wings, and a few could change shape.

One day, while I was awake, I jumped into the ocean and tried to swim down. I saw all of these horrible, scary creatures. They were real, they weren't fake. I took a deep breath of water as I tried to scream. Instead I fainted and started sinking.

I woke up on the beach, and coughed up the water in my lungs. It burned like fire, but I was ok after that. But this night, I knew the dream would be different than the rest.

The End

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