The Ocean, cruel and untameable.

Vand Aquos is a character from one of my collabs The Magister Lords. I liked this character so much, that I wanted to make a story about him.

I woke up on the sand, with the beautiful sky above my head. The sun was still rising above the horizon and was turning the clouds red and orange. A relaxing sound of wafting waves soothed my soul, letting me know not all was lost. But my parents were.

My parents never loved me, I never knew why. They just, couldn't look at me with a smile, or tuck me in without it being a chore. So, I don't blame them for leaving me all alone on this island, now at least. When it first happened I was so angry.

But it's ok now; I have a way off the island. I can control the water; it literally bends to my will. But, in order to learn about how I got here, we have to learn about what happened before.


I was five when it first happened.

"Mommy! Daddy! Where are you?"

I was running around like a maniac, crying like a baby, screaming at the ocean, at the horizon, at the sky. Everything became a target for my anger. I was betrayed, and not by anyone, by my own parents.


I screamed the only two names of the only two people I cared about every moment of every day.


I cried until my eyes couldn't push out any more tears.

"Where are you?"

You think that you'd cry if your parents were gone for a day. Well, how about forever. Often, I'd curl up on the ground and just rock myself to sleep, drenching the ground beneath me in my tears. Sorrow became me; there was no possible condolence for a five year old. Nothing could exist in my world that was happy. In fact, I don't even remember eating or drinking. Though the island was small there was a fresh water pond inland and there were fruit trees all around the island.


The sobs broke my speech into single words that would last forever. During the first week this was what it was like every day. With no one there to love me, no one there to care I was lost. Eventually, I somehow learnt that crying wouldn't bring my parents back, and I learnt that yelling their name out into the ocean wouldn't make them rescue me. I was alone, and I finally learnt how to deal with it.

After I had that realization I started to worry about things like food and water. Now, being a five year old, I was not capable of abstract thought. I could not think about how I would find food, I just looked around for things that looked edible and potable.

I started picking off the food from the trees; they looked a lot like apples and tasted a lot like bananas. I don't know what they're called, but they were tasty. In addition, I started drinking out of the pond inland. It was clean enough for me to drink and not get sick.

The End

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