The Ocean

One day Frank was surfing the waves were the best he ever seen it was the best day of his life and his friend Joe was a Christian and he was surfing with him then all the suddenly the ocean turned into a raging storm and they thought it was fine and they kept surfing and the waves were getting bigger and bigger Joe was getting scared and he didn't listen so Joe got out of the water when he made it back to the shore the waves were even bigger Joe was yelling at Frank to get out before he died and he said after I catch the biggest wave here and Joe was praying that Frank wouldn't get smashed by a huge wave and die. Then a huge wave was coming towards Frank but it broke past him the waves kept come stormy Joe thought it was going to kill him and he was on the beach. A big giant sunami wave came and it smashed Frank and Frank got slammed around in the waves and he almost died but Joe kept praying and lived and now im just having a metal block and i cant right anything now Anthony is reading his poem from yesterday and i hope its good weeee im so board and i hate this assingment so much weeeee anthony needs to hurry up and read is poem it better be good so far its good best poem ever i like anthonys writing weeee im so board i like righting down every thing thats on my mind why did we have to write something about something on the beach i hate this IM DONE WITH THIS STINKIN PROJECT!!!!!! AHH NOW WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING ELSE AHHHH.

The End

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