Laugh Out Loud

"Oh good, you're here,"  the club director said. " I was afraid you might bail. You looked like you were going to puke after your audition yesterday." The fact was that she did puke as soon as she got to the parking lot. "Don't worry about stage fright, everybody gets it , particularly on their  first performance. You were great yesterday as soon as you let yourself relax, sooo relax!"

Ever since she was little she had this need to make people laugh. Her parents were so busy all the time, and they worried about everything. There wasn't a lot of quality time left for her and her two brothers. She made her brothers laugh as much as she possible could, just to ease the boredom. They were both younger and they adored her. They laughed at pretty much all of her jokes. She suspected that they only laughed to please her, but it still encouraged her.

When she went to school, she made her friends laugh. She had even gotten a detention for mimicking the teacher. Her impression was so good, that the  kids around  her clapped, just as the teacher walked in. She hoped the teacher would think that they were clapping for her, but she had seen the whole performance through the little window in the door. She knew that the teacher had to discipline her, otherwise there would be chaos in the classroom.  Still, when the teacher had come through the door, she had been laughing.

Everyone had told her that she should make people laugh for a living, but she was afraid that she wasn't good enough. She was afraid that she would starve. She had gotten several lead parts in comedies for her high school drama club. She was nervous but not afraid during those performances because there had always been someone else on stage with her, and she had a script to follow.

Tonight she was flying solo, using her own material. She was terrified, but she had to do it. This was the object of her greatest desire, to be on stage, to make the people laugh, to be a professional comedienne. she walked out on stage, and the applause was deafening. She looked out in the audience, and the first two rows were filled with all of her high school friends.

The End

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