The Woods

The path they were taking wasn't particularly difficult to traverse. There was a sparse scattering of protruding tree roots reaching for their ankles, but even in the densest foliage they encountered the bright light of the full moon illuminated the leaf strewn ground. The most difficult thing so far had been simply remaining upright.

His sense of balance had yet to fully return to him, though he was happy to note that the world had at least stopped spinning. The cool breeze, which no doubt would've felt refreshing at any other time, was merely mocking him as it tugged at his still soaking wet cloths glued to his skin.

He followed just a few paces behind, his mind still foggy. He wasn't quite up for any kind of conversation, though after a few minutes passed the silence hung in the air like a thick blanket. It was then that he realized everything was unusually silent.

Typically, he'd expect there to be something scurrying or chirping out at night, but he couldn't hear so much as a cricket's chirp to add some kind of satirical quality to their little jaunt through the woods. Only the crunch of their footsteps echoed off the trees, making it sound like a hundred well camouflaged chaperones were trailing behind them.

"So," he murmured to the girl's back, speaking without really knowing what he was going to say next. "What were you doing out at the lake at this time of night?" He'd asked it as an offhanded question, just the first thing that'd come to mind, but after he'd mentioned it out loud he realized it was actually a good question.

She didn't answer right away and for a fleeting moment he wondered if she was ignoring the question. However, when she did finally give her answer, it wasn't something he was expecting.

"Actually, I was waiting for you."

The End

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