Don't Listen To Him

"I'm sorry," she said, hesitating as she stood up slowly. "But I'm afraid I have something else better to do." The way she said it didn't feel as odd coming out of mouth as the look that the boy gave her.

"You would have drowned if it weren't for me coming in to save you, and additionally you have a nasty gash in the back of your head and you think you have something better to do?" The sarcasm was like a whip in his tone as he stared at her, not in concern but in the strangeness of what she was suggesting.

But Melanie shrugged, her memory slowly chipping back in place. Fragments of what she'd originally been planning to do before slipping into the lake came back in her mind and this time, she took off the coat the boy had given her confidently.

"My parents are probably waiting for me at home. And if this gash is as critical as you seem to believe, I'm sure my mum and dad can treat it for me." She started walking away but looked over her shoulder, a smile on her lips at the boy who stood rooted to the spot, watching her. "But thank you, for saving my life. Who knows what I would have missed out on if you hadn't?"

Turning back, she made her way through the snow, this time more cautiously than before. But little did Melanie know the adventure she'd missed out on if she had said 'yes'.

The End

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