Follow the Rescuer

Melanie pushed away the negative assumptions she'd made about the boy. There was nothing to worry about, he was only trying to help her. And so, as he helped her up to her feet, a 'thank-you' smile came on her face.

The boy watched her every move as they made their way in the direction where he was leading them. He didn't want her to slip on the ice again, hurting herself further than she already had. But Melanie seemed to be doing fine. The pain was slowly inching its way onto the side of her head but she ignored it as she continued to make conversation.

"I forgot to ask, but what's your name?"

"Luke," he answered with a smile.

Though one might think that everything was normal about him, Melanie had a different vibe coming at her from this 'Luke'. She had no reason to suspect him; he'd come to her aid when she'd been drowning and had offered to give her some first aid. But there was something more to him,  not in a fearful way. Maybe it was just a first impression.

Melanie shrugged to herself and decided not to judge him further than she already had, not until she was absolutely sure.

It was a short and silent walk before they found themselves approaching a small settlement. It looked like a small village and if Melanie didn't know better, she would have thought it to be a 'ghost town'. But the first thing that caught her eye was the tall, black structure that stretched in the direction of the sky. It wasn't until they got closer did she realize it was an obelisk.

She squinted at it, seeing strange signs etched onto the outer covering of what seemed to be granite. But Melanie didn't get the chance to catch more of the sight as Luke lightly nudged her into a small house.

But in the back of her mind, she couldn't help wondering...

The End

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