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The voice sounded distant to her but her mind could make out the words. And so, she responded. It was one light cough, then another. The girl sat straight up suddenly, spluttering out the cold ice water she had taken in during her accident in the lake. Her skin felt itchy and irritated, and soon, the sense of where exactly she'd been settled into her as she started to shiver.

She turned her head to face her rescuer's. It was a teenage boy, maybe a few years older than her. He had dirty blonde hair with a rather pale, almost translucent complexion. Or maybe that was the effects of the moonlight shining down on them. She didn't know.

He looked over her with concern, and seeing her ghost-like face and shivering figure, he took off his jacket and covered it over her. "What were you doing in that lake? Trying to kill yourself?" Humor mixed in with his voice but he wanted an answer, and was more or less curious. It's not everyday you walk past a lake and see someone drowning, their life only seconds away from death.

"I..." She blinked repeatedly, one of her hands going to forehead as she rubbed the temples, trying to remember. "I was just..." Memories flooded back into her head, the reason now becoming clear. "I was walking along when the ice slipped from under me and I fell into the lake. It was an accident."

That was a believable story but the boy asked further questions, "Where were you intending on going? Home?"

"I can't remember," she muttered, a frown crossing over her face as she stood up, holding the jacket close to her.

"Whatever the case, you might as well come with me. You've got a cut near the back of your head and if you don't treat it fast, you might lose a lot of blood."  He paused, then asked, "What's your name?"

"Melanie," she answered instantly but inside, she felt uncertain. Should she trust him?  Clearly, there was a reason why she'd been crossing over this area, she jus needed to have her memory completely back. Her mind was just blank at the moment but she was sure it would come back to her.

Or, like he was suggesting, she could go with him. It wouldn't hurt to trust a stranger, would it?

The End

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