The Obelisk

The town trapped the witch long ago, but they still love to loathe her for reasons all their own. From the Black Obelisk to the complete loss of contact with the world, things could be better. But that's all before the night falls...

Disorientation. It's a funny feeling. Which way is up? Which way down? Am I falling? Floating? Maybe I'm staying perfectly still? Maybe I'm drifting to one side or the other? Perhaps forward, perhaps backward?

Such thoughts were tossed around at a regular pace, each one more ponderous than the last. They viewed themselves as if from a distance. Like all of this was happening to another person, and they were merely being given the chance to observe.

A sudden chill rolled down their spine. Am I cold? the person asked themselves. They turned their attention internal.  Ah, so I am. They could feel the chill biting into their flesh, all the way to the bone.

But now that they'd turned their mind inwards, they soon found that they couldn't escape again. They were trapped in this aching, cold, disoriented body with no means of escape. Panic began to set in. They wanted to move, thrash around, scream, anything. But they found their body wouldn't move like they wanted it too.

When they managed to open their mouth to scream, a torrent of something icy cold invaded their mouth.

They tried and tried again, but no sound would come out of their mouth. It only caused this cold sensation to fill their throat.

The panic was slowly dying down as they tried to understand what was happening. But their head felt like it was full of cotton. Everything was dark except for a single spot of white light right in the middle of their vision that was waving and wobbling in the strangest way.

The light was growing dimmer with each passing second, and the person had to wonder, am I dying? It was a simple observation, and they didn't really feel anything because of it. If anything, they felt quite calm about it. The fact that they felt calm concerned them quite a bit more, though they couldn't quite figure out why. Thinking was too hard.

And suddenly, they were warm. There was a dull pain right in the center of their forehead that was growing more pronounced with every throb.

When they cracked open their eyes, they could see a full moon hovering majestically above. Something flew in front of it for a fleeting moment, too quickly to really see.

Suddenly, they found themselves in a sitting position. The movement made them realize that their clothes were soaked in freezing water, and caused the pain in their head to redouble.

"Hey, you ok?" a distant voice called. Or maybe it's just the water in my ears? they wondered. And then, I wonder if they could be talking to me?

"Come on, answer me, I know you're awake." Much to contradict the speakers words, they seemed quite unsure about the state of consciousness of whoever they were talking to. "Come on! Stay with me!"

The End

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