Chapter 23

A/N: I felt like writing about a strong female character. 

"How about I pick you up at eight tonight and we go see a movie?" Anthony says - he's caught up to her on her way to her next class. 

"How about you f-ck off?" She's really f-cking tired, and he's been hounding her all week. Sure, he was hot, but he was also really rude. Narrowing her eyes, Darcy throws back her shoulders and straightens up from her slouch, unfolding in front of the teenage boy. Suddenly, she's a whole lot more intimidating, especially when she crowds him against a locker (she's friends with Tanaka, nobody in their right mind would dare to mess with her, which is why the crowd moves smoothly around her) and keeps her head up, glaring down her nose at Anthony. 

Craning her neck (when she stands up straight, she's taller than him, especially with her boots on), she whispers, the words with a sharp edge to them, "Leave me the f-ck alone or get your sh-tty ass out of my sight. Guess who my aunt's friends with? The principal. They have weekly teas. Do you really want to get kicked out of school for harassment in the first month?"

While he stands there, dumbfounded, she steps away and straightens her loose shirt, pulling up the top of her purple waist-high shorts and making sure that there were no rips in her fishnet tights. Smiling innocently, she added another quick coat to her black lipstick and went on her way, the heels to her boots clacking on the floor of the hallway. 

The End

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