Chapter 19

Tanaka strode towards Darcy's locker, surprised when she wasn't there.

"The f-ck?" He muttered, grabbing a fistful of the person next to him's jacket. "Have you seen Darcy?" He demanded.

"Uh," The guy looked startled, "no, not recently. But I think she went that way." He pointed with a slightly quivering finger.

Tanaka released him and set off to find his friend.

---- ---- ---- ---- 

"You little sh-t, why weren't you at your f-cking locker like always?" 

The Japanese boy's voice echoed through the empty space, and the brunette looked up. 

She was sitting in one of the very-rarely used uppermost floors, tucked away on the top of a staircase that hadn't been used in a long time. "I just..." She sighed, leaning her head against the cool wall behind her.

"What?" Tanaka asked roughly, settling himself beside her on the ground. When she didn't answer, he handed over a wrap and began to eat his own.

Darcy smiled a little. She tended to forget things - like keys and cellphones and sticky notes and lunches - and the boy had taken to bringing another lunch with him to school. He'd never admit it, but she thought that he liked to take care of people.

They ate in silence for a while before Darcy pulled her knees up to her chest and whispered things like her voice always had a rasp on the 'r' of my name, my dad's name was john, my sisters didn't even finish high school, i can't remember what my house looked like.

 And Tanaka listened. He listened and he rubbed her back as she hollowed out the part of herself that had been filling with sadness, and he closed his eyes and listened to the murmurings of someone's past.

The End

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