Chapter 18

A/N: Aaaaand Darcy's back.

"So." A girl sidled up to Imrae, the latter leaning up against her locker playing Angry Birds on her phone. 

"Do I know you?" The younger teenager didn't seem perturbed by the other person, just curious.

"No, but you know Drew."

"Oh, the cute blonde!" Imrae seemed delighted. "Are you her sister?"

"No. Are you gay?" Darcy asked, blunt and to the point.

The frizzy-haired blonde blinked. "Uh. Yeah."

"Alright." The French-speaker smiled, sickly sweet with a cruel edge to it. A shark's smile. "If you hurt her, I will make you my rug. I will make shoes out of you. No-one will ever find out what happened to you. You will never have time to scream because I will remove your vocal chords first. The last thing you will think is, I regret hurting Drew Hill. If you break up with her, you will be cordial and will not break her heart. If you choose to date her, you will treat her well.

"Do not doubt anything I just said. If you do, I will have Esmerelda from 42 Quebec hack into your computer system and infect everything you own with so many viruses that the Black Plague will look like a minor common cold. If you ever hurt Drew, do not think that there will not be retributions. I will make your life a living Hell. I will make Satan look like the kindest ruler in the world."

Darcy's smile curled a little more, becoming satire and mocking. "However, I do like you. Don't make me change my mind." And then she walked away.

Imrae stood there, floored.

Did she just get given the shovel talk by a teenager?

The End

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