Chapter 17

In the morning, she gets up early, shaking Drew awake and making breakfast for both of them. 

A plaid shirt with the sleeves rolled up and a pair of jean-shorts were lent to the girl in place of her pajamas.

They walk to school together.

------ ------- ------- ------ ------ --------

"Oh, sorry." Drew ducks her head and keeps moving, stammering out a quick apology.

"Hey now, little darlin'."

The voice makes her head snap up, and she's met with a familiar face, the explosion of frizzy hair still emerging from the back of her head. The blonde grins at her.

"Hi." Tucking a curl back behind her ear, she looks at her, slightly timid, even though the other girl was a good inch shorter than her. Drew was built tall-ish, but not very muscley. Imrae was sturdy. "I haven't seen you at school before." CHS wasn't that big.

Imrae had an impish look on her face. "Just moved here on Thursday. Been moving in. How long have you been here?"

"My entire life. Was born here, probably gonna die here. God, I'd give anything to get out of the sun." Drew lets the whisper of a sigh escape.

"I grew up in Canada. Nice little place in Ontario. Played hockey twice a week. Got hypothermia more times than I can count." She looks almost wistful. 

The End

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