Chapter 16

When Drew clambers in her window at 3 in the morning, Darcy's a bit surprised.

Of course, she's awake too. But that's not really the point. She's usually awake from 2:45 in the morning onwards. Insomniatic patterns and such. 

But Drew drops in, clothed in cupcake pajama bottoms and a Batman tank top, and Darcy's startled. She had been sitting on her bed staring out the window, letting her thoughts wander - like the passerbyes, stumbling through the streets and ambling along in a smooth line. She likes people-watching. It's quiet. Calm.

And then Drew drops in, breathing an erratic pattern into the humid air, stirring the peace that Darcy had found herself in.

"Hey," she says, concerned - who wouldn't be when someone they just met climbs in their window at 3 in the morning? - but not unwilling to listen. The girl obviously feels some sort of camaraderie towards her because of her attachment to Tanaka, but still.

This must be something different than normal, because she wasn't going to the dark-haired boy. There are so many questions she wants to ask, but she settles for one. "What happened?"

Drew's a bit wild-eyed, and the look is unsettling on such a little blonde angel. "I- um. Would you mind?"

Darcy has no idea what she's talking about, but she smiles and moves over, patting the covers beside her. "I'm all ears."

The younger teen seems relieved. "Thanks." She looks nervous, twisting a curl with a finger. "Uh, so you see, I was out and getting something from the Circle K, and there was this guy..." She swallows. "But that's not important. There was this girl who kind of shooed him off, I guess. And I just..." She takes a breath, and, wide-eyed, lets it out in a sort of breathy admission. "I think I'm a lesbian." It's said as almost a whisper, and Darcy has to lean in to hear.

As soon as she does, though, she whoops and falls off the bed.

Drew stares.

A disheveled head pokes up over the side of the bed from the floor. She excitedly heaved all of her limbs back onto the bed and let a grin overtake her face. "You know your sexuality? Yay!" Suddenly, she dramatically clutches her heart. "Such a teenage angst moment!"

Then she realized that Drew's still staring, a little worried, at the teenager. "Oh, calm you little frantic beating mouse heart. I'm totally cool with it, I'm bi."

At Drew's clueless gaze, she adds on "-sexual."



They stare at each other for a moment before Darcy clears her throat. "Anyways, you've got a crush on this girl?"

She looks sheepish. "Uh, yeah. I couldn't sleep. My mum's a bit... uh, bigot-y." 

Darcy looks genuinely remorseful. "That's... not good. I'm sorry."

Drew flops back onto the bed. "S'okay."

The other girl joins her, and they both look up at the peeling beige paint on the ceiling. "I'm going to sort-of stalk this girl in school to make sure she's good for you. Just so you know."

Her only response is light snoring.

Darcy's lips curl up in a fond smile.

The End

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