Chapter 15

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She was walking through downtown when it happened.

Drew had been on her way to Circle K, to get a couple of Monster Energy drinks for her sister, but they'd run out.

So she'd been heading back in the dark when a man emerged out of the alley beside her. A heavy hand landed on her shoulder.

"Now what's a girl like you doin' out here at night?" The man slurred, seemingly having trouble talking.

Drew held back a whimper of fright. "I-" She couldn't finish, and flinched violently when the man's sour breath hit her face as he leaned closer, stinking of cheap alcohol. She was scared.

"Hey, is this man bothering you?" A voice said, and Drew nearly cried out in relief as a girl came closer. The newcomer had blonde hair, the color fading to brown at the very roots. It was frizzy, the curls tied back into an explosion at the back of her head. She had her hands on her hips, her feet set.

"Y-yes," Drew managed to stutter, trying to lean away from the heavy grip on her shoulder even as it tightened. 

"Hey, a*sshole, do you hear that?" The girl said, directing it to the man, who only sneered. 

"I was just trying to help her get home. It's not good for young girls like her to be walking alone," His voice was almost slimy, and it made Drew feel sick.

When he tried to pull her with him, though, the other teenager swung a fist towards his face. The girl hadn't even noticed her approach.

But the man retreated, glaring at her. 

Canting her hips at an angle, the girl sent a questioning look in Drew's direction. "He was right, y'know. You really shouldn't be walking home alone in the dark."

She looks down. "I know."

"Come on, I'll walk you home." The teenager holds out a hand.

"What? No! I don't even know your name!" Drew protests.

"Calm down, blondie." She rolled her eyes. "I'm Imrae."


Imrae rubbed the bridge of her nose. "Can we go now, Drew?"

She coughed. "Uh, yeah. Okay."

She walks home with a warm hand in hers and the beginnings of a smile on her face.

The End

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