Chapter 14

A/N: Keep in mind that 'vous' is a plural 'you', so when she says 'J'aime vous', she's saying 'I love you' to both of them.

Knocking on the door of Darcy's home, he's surprised when a pretty woman answers the door.

She has dark hair, and beautiful gray eyes, and she's wearing a navy dress. Not too formal, but not too casual. Tanaka guesses that she's just come from work.

Behind her, there are two boys. They look to be about 8 and 7. 

There's thumping on the stairs, so he turns towards them -he can just see them behind the trio in front of the door- and sees Darcy, stumbling down the stairs. Her hair is in a messy side braid, and she's wearing a plain white shift dress, the half-sleeves transparent and lace lining the bottom. It only goes to about her knees.

"Oh, hey," She mumbles, rubbing her eyes. "Uh, this is Pierre-" She motions to the taller of the two boys, "-and Étienne." This time she points to the boy with the darker hair. "And this is my Aunt Veronique." She vaguely gestures to the woman.

Then she turns to her family. "Guys, this is Tanaka."

One of the kids mumbles something in French, and Darcy sighs, scrubbing a hand over her face.

She kneels down, looking at both of them, and speaks quietly. "Non, Pierre, il ne fera pas mal Étienne. Ne vous inquiétez pas, il est mon ami. Et je sais que ce nouveau lieu est effrayant, mais vous êtes courageux. Essayer d'être gentil avec Tanaka. Je suis sûr qu'il est nerveux de vous rencontrer aussi. J'aime vous."

The kids nod, and they edge back behind Veronique, peeking out at Tanaka now and then.

The End

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