Chapter 10

A/N: No judgement on my music tastes. Plus, they're not the same as theirs, so..

"Uh. Sure," Tanaka replies, his voice halting a little in his surprise.

She stands by the door awkwardly, watching as he toes his shoes off, ignoring the fact that she's wearing hers inside.

Darcy's laptop is open, and she rushes to shut it before he can catch a glimpse of the screen. "So..." She coughs, and Tanaka intervenes before she can make the situation even more uncomfortable than it already is.

"You like Sleeping With Sirens?" He asks, gesturing to her shirt with carefully-tended-to nails.

"Uh. Yeah. My favorites are Roger Rabbit and James Dean & Audrey Hepburn." She looked down. "My music tastes are pretty eclectic, though."

A smirk tugs at the corner of Tanaka's mouth. "Yeah, mine too. So how are you liking Key West?"

"Um. It's really hot here. I'm not too used to the heat. I'm kind of like a vampire. I don't like the sun a whole lot. I kinda burn like paper." 

Tanaka can see how her pale skin compares to his own tanned flesh, and he laughs, a light laugh that trickles out of him slowly. It's almost rusty, as though he hasn't laughed in a while, and is getting used to the sensation.

After that, conversation goes pretty smoothly, their topics ranging from Ms Anival's moustache to their reactions to the Sherlock season finale.

They're okay.

The End

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