Chapter 9

Tanaka hadn't thought that Darcy Nez had had it in her.

But when she walked down the hallway of CHS wearing... whatever the hell that was, he was a little shell-shocked.

She looked amazing. He wasn't attracted to her or anything, but she looked like she could potentially be dangerous.

Not like him, of course.

Not like the Japanese boy who looked like he belonged in the mafia - or at least, that's what people said about him.


A knock at Darcy's door had her starling out of her daze and stumbling towards the door, opening it hastily.

Tanaka blinked behind it.

"Um. Hello?" She asked.

"Oh. Sorry, I just came to return your phone. You forgot it last period. I couldn't find you in school, so I assumed that you'd gone home. Your address was taped to the back of it." The boy explained, gesturing to the slip of paper containing Darcy's name and address stuck to the back of the cell.

"Thanks. Do you, uh... do you want to come in or something?" She held the door open wider, her body moving on its own while her brain went, wait what did we just do

The End

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