Chapter 8

Her previous glasses had been oval, with a thin green wire frame. Unimposing.

These were something else entirely. They were black and chunky, with the words 'TYPE Helvetica|Bold' in white on the inside of the frame. 

One thing she knew for sure was that they were not her usual style.

"Oh come on. Live a little! Who cares if people stare?"

A voice echoed in her head. Her sister.

The glasses trembled in her grip.

Darcy put them on.


Walking through the hallway with a t-shirt depicting the 'With Eyes to Hear and Ears to See' album cover and skin-tight navy jeans, battered brown combat boots gracing her feet, Darcy felt like everyone was staring at her.

Rightfully so, but still. 

What had inspired the sudden change in fashion? Darcy wasn't completely sure. But the clothes felt almost right, despite feeling entirely foreign at the same time. 

And then she saw Tanaka. He was standing at the end of the row of lockers, eyes wide as he stared at her. He looked almost... shocked.

She could get a better look at him now that she wasn't awkwardly running away from him. He had piercings leading all the way up the shell of his ear, spider bites hugging the curve of his lips. A dark smudge peeked out from the neckline of his shirt.

He looked... different.

Different than anyone Darcy had really ever seen up close. His eyes were wide as he looked at her and she had to stop herself from brushing a piece of her hair nervously behind her ear. 

The End

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