Chapter 6

A/N: This is not going to be Tanaka/Darcy, if anyone was wondering.

She was sitting and dutifully copying down math problems when he stumbled in.

With messy black hair and black Converse laced up to his knees, slouched over with hands in his pockets, he was the epitome of a teenager.

The teacher just reached out a hand. "Do you have a slip, Mr. Noguchi?"

"No." The boy snagged a clipboard off the desk and wrote his name in.

And for a reason that she couldn't understand, Darcy was drawn to him.


There was a weird girl in class.

Well, not weird, necessarily, just... new.

Tanaka didn't see a whole lot of new things in this town. 

But she...

She was different. He felt like he could know this girl.

Shut up. Nobody ever wants nothing to do with you, he reminded himself hastily.


Straightening out the map in her hand and squinting, she tried to discern which way she should be going to reach the small little white-trimmed house with its blue porch that was now where she would be living.

Not for the first time, she wished that somebody could have picked her up. But Uncle Francis was working, and Aunt Veronique was picking up Pierre and Étienne, as well as sorting out all the boxes.

So Darcy was on her own.

Except for the fact that she caught her foot on something and tripped forwards.

And her glasses shattered.

They were already old, and when they hit the ground, the glass broke, littering the ground in little shards. 

"Godammit!" She cursed, a litany of swear words flowing from her mouth. She was extremely nearsighted, so much so that she really couldn't go anywhere without glasses. Checking her pockets, she realized that she had also forgotten her cell.

Sensing a presence behind her, she turned. A vague figure was barely discernible with her blurry vision.

"Are you okay?" A hand reached into her line of sight, and she realized that she was still sitting down from when she had tripped, cradling her shattered glasses in both hands and trying to figure out what to do.

She grasped the hand and let it pull her back up to a standing position. "Uh, no. Not really. You see, I broke my glasses-" She gestured to the object in her palm, -"and I'm basically blind without them. I don't really know how I'm supposed to get home now."

The boy in front of her sighed. "I think I might be able to help. But first, my name's Tanaka. What's yours?"


"Well, come along, Darcy."

The End

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