Chapter 5

Tanaka was dead asleep.

So when his neighbour poured a bucket of ice cubes over him, he barely twitched.

"Jesus," She sighed, and left, slamming the door behind her. "His parents can deal with him when they get back."


Darcy was stumbling through Celiene High School clutching a map in a death grip and trying to fight her way through the ever-moving river of students hurrying to class. 

This, she thought, this is torture.

For such a small island, CHS was actually a really large building. 

She sucked in a breath and lunged for the doorjamb closest to her, yanking it open and slipping inside, desperately trying to escape the flood of teenagers.

Inside, a boy lounged casually on a table, his legs crossed and eyes flickering between her and the pages of his book. "Are you lost?" He finally asked, his voice a smooth timbre, calm and assured.

"Uh, yeah. Kind of." She ducked her head, sheepish. 

He sighed a long-suffering sigh, and stood up, passing her and resting his hand on the handle. Realizing that she was still staring, she shook herself out of her daze and followed him as he pushed the door open, striding out into the hallway. 

Darcy stared as the students flowed effortlessly around him, avoiding his body entirely. When she just stood there, the boy sighed and grasped his long fingers around her wrist, pulling her along behind him. "Come on."

And she let herself be guided to her classroom.

The End

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