Chapter 4

"Keep moving, ma cherie." Aunt Veronique chirped, pushing past the girl sitting sullenly on the stairs.

"Why Key West? Why do we have to move to a sweltering little island that's seen only as a tiny dot on a map and a tourist destination?" Darcy asked, sulking.

"You know that it's because of Francis, Darcy." The woman stopped moving for a second and looked down at the teenager draped across the stairs. "Please don't make this harder than it already is." Her brown eyes were pleading, and the girl sighed.

"Fine," She muttered. "I'm going to go grab my glasses."

"Alright, dear."


Sitting in a cramped excuse for an airport and staring at a bunch of tourist brochures was not Darcy Nez's idea of a good time. Nevertheless, she hustled Pierre and Étienne over to the limited chairs and attempted to entertain them while Uncle Francis waited for their bags and her aunt arranged for a cab.

"Darce?" Pierre looks up at her, his brown eyes so liquid and light. Étienne looks up, too, but his eyes are dark, almost black. She swallows, and forces a smile. 

"Yeah?" She asks quietly. 

"Me and Éti are kind of scared," The boy admits, and Darcy can't help but smile softly when Étienne hides his face in his brother's side.

"It'll be okay." Her voice is gentle.

But she can't help but wonder if she's lying to them.

The End

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