Chapter 3

Tanaka Noguchi would be asleep when the girl who would change everything arrived. But for now, at least, he was awake. 

Tanaka was a short, stubborn, and perpetually angry 15-year-old whose height made no difference to his temper. 

Being 'gifted' at playing the violin, he was thrust into the world of music at a young age. He absolutely loathed the violin. But his mother kept at it, and he found that he went only because she insisted, and because this was his last link to her, the only thing he could use to connect, to identify with her. 

His father was in the navy, a military man who was cruel to his teenage son, treating him badly, sometimes even violently.

Tanaka was all lean muscle and whipcord strength, with eyes that seemed to glint in the light, but he was smart.  

The End

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