The Nuances of Loneliness

She is a girl who got left behind. He is a boy who is too different.
In 2004, hotel staff discovered a girl, shaking and hidden, in one of the rooms. Her entire family was missing.
On a small island, Darcy Nez learns to live.
Tanaka Noguchi is hard. With a mother who doesn't understand him at all and forces him to play the violin, and a father in the navy who cares little for his only child, he feels alone.
And the only thing Tanaka wants to do is dance.

The single memory of a touch, a hand yellowed by time spent in the sun in younger years, brings a voice with it. And with that voice comes a song.

"I'm leaving, on a jet plane. Don't know when I'll be back again. Oh babe, I hate to go..."

A single tear slides down the cheek of the one left behind, and she vows never to cry for them again. They left her. They deserve no grief.


On July 5th, 2004, police discovered a 5-year-old kid alone in a hotel room. She was alone. The only name she gave was 'Point'.

The family that had booked the room had been supposed to check out a day ago, but the hotel staff was distracted by a sixty-seven year old man having a heart attack in Room 102.

Room 401 was forgotten, as the cleaning staff was also preoccupied. 

But when they got around to it, they found a little girl hiding in the closet, wearing a too-big blue sweater with dolphins in it. Her family was gone. There should have been five people in that room. There was one.

A plate with a half-finished bagel was sitting on the bedside table, a drained glass of orange juice beside that. Sheets were thrown aside on one of the beds. A lump of clothes sat bunched together on a chair. A pen was lying partly on a pad of hotel-issued paper. The writing on it was half-finished: Remember that John needs more protein, according to the doct- 

It ended there.

It looked to all the world like the rest of the family had disappeared. The child could say nothing. She hadn't come out of the closet for two days. She hadn't touched a thing. But most importantly, she had no idea where her family was.

They were just... gone.

Custody of the girl was transferred to her aunt and uncle. Her parents and two siblings were nowhere to be found. After four months, the police gave up searching, and it became a cold case. There were no leads, no clues.

And she was the only one left behind.

The End

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