The DoctorMature

A doctor who isn't a doctor's on the run after being in hiding for years.

"What do you want, Mr. Ronalds?" she sighed, knowing without looking up that he would be there.

"Me-my back's been actin' up, miss," he grumbled. She watched as he rubbed his spine.

"Have you been taking your medicine?" His eyes skittered away for a second and then hesitantly met hers again.


"Mr. Ronalds, you really need to take your medicine," she murmured, standing up to rifle through the medicine cabinet to her right. He opened his mouth to argue and she shot him a look.

He sighed. "How'd you know?" he grumbled, looking at his shoes.

"I'm psychic," she huffed, plonking herself back into her chair and tossing him a bottle of pills. "And your wife told me." A wry smile curled his mouth and he nodded his thanks before getting up to leave.

"Thanks, doc."

She smiled, reaching behind her and into the coat draped across her chair, pulling out a hip flask. After she heard the door close, she took a gulp or three and sighed, letting her head rock back, blank eyes staring at the ceiling. Her head flopped down so her chin met her shirt and she slowly leaned forward, elbows resting on the desk as her eyes focused on the flask.

"3. 2. 1," she whispered, and on cue, a bang echoed in the room. She dragged her eyes up to the woman in the doorway. "Do you really need to dint the wall every time you come in?" she groaned, already wishing she'd taken another swig. The woman squeaked and yanked the door back, another slam echoing as she muttered over the mark on the wall.

"I'm sorry, Ms. Russell!" she squealed, the doctor wincing at the decibel.

"Its fine, Sarah. Just...quiet down, will you?"

"Of course!"

She bit back a sigh. She seemed to be doing it a lot, lately. "Is there a reason you came barging in here?"

"Yes! There's a man here saying he needs to see you."

"Bring him in, then." Sarah saluted, spun on her heel and stepped aside so a man in a black suit could walk in.

"Doctor Russell?" Fear sparked, but she managed to nod.

"I'm from the FBI. I'm going to need you to come with me." Fuck. She nodded, grabbing her coat as she stood up. As soon as it settled on her shoulders and she was beside Sarah, her hand snapped across and grabbed her wrist. Yanking Sarah to her, she hooked an arm around her neck and pressed a pistol she'd pulled from her coat to her ear. Sarah whimpered as the agent pulled out his gun and aimed it at them.

"Now, agent. I'm going to need you to put down that gun," she murmured. When he failed to do so, she flicked the barrel to aim at his feet, pulling the trigger and quickly snapping it back to Sarah's head. Sarah screamed s the sound rang through her ear, scrabbling at the arm wrapped around her throat. "Please God no," she sobbed. "I don't wanna die." The agent growled, but did what she said.

"Thank you. Now kick it over here." He did as she asked. She watched him for a few seconds before shoving Sarah towards him and ducking down to snatch his gun. While he tried to disentangle a hysterical Sarah from him, she ran for the door, a shocked patient watching her. She yanked the door open and nearly shot Tim.

"Doctor?" he said, bewildered. She quickly his her hands behind her back.

"Oh hey, Timmy! Can you come with me for a second?" she said, tilting her head. She watched his cheeks flush before he nodded quickly. She flashed him a smile. "Thanks, Timmy!"

She laced their fingers together and strode towards the exit.

"Is everything okay, doctor?" mumbled Tim and she smiled at him. "Of course!"

"Doctor Kate Russell, step away from the boy and put your hands up!" said a male voice and she came face to face with a battalion of police officers and their cars.

She smirked.


The End

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