Chapter 4: Through The Rabbit Hole or Should I Say Window?

Alan Jeta:

It was there.  Sitting on my bed in a brown wrapping.  I had no idea what it was or what to do.  So of course being curious, I opened it.  As I read the first page I was thinking this was a joke.  But I was still curious as to what may be in this book that was supposed to be taken seriously.  I read the first three chapters.  The next one was mine and this was when I realized this wasn't a joke.


pg. 4

okay I lied.  One of the worst ones yet is here now, so don't worry darlings about the previous things you will start to feel a little less guilty when you read this.  So, so far I have been publicly humiliated and junk well if school wasn't bad enough the security I had at my house was stripped from me too.  So what happened? You may ask well why is it that this happened, Alan? Hmm? Seriously, what did you find so interesting about me that cause you to do such a thing?  It all started sometime in November a year ago, I remember it as if it were yesterday.  Something like this never leaves ones mind.  I had one of those rooms that was on the main floor and had a bathroom attached to it.  I had just gotten out of the shower and I had a towel wrapped around me.  *Click* What the hell? What goes 'Click' that was in my room? Nothing that I knew of.  Strange.  I put my hair up in an elastic and started to pull out a pair of shorts an tank top to wear, *click*. I heard it again! Maybe I wasn't imagining things.  I was the type of person that loved the stars and would keep my blinds open all night long just to stare at the stars.  I slowly proceeded to turn on my small television like normal and threw my p.j's on my bed. *Click*.  There it was once again!! Okay so the only i know that goes 'Click' is a camera.  I didn't have one in my room and especially not one that went off on its own.  So I went into my bathroom and got changed.  I came out and flopped down on my bed. *Click*. That night I slept on the couch in my living room.  My parents were out of town that weekend, you see, for a business thing in the city.  So the next day, Saturday, i shook off what had happened and told myself I had simply over reacted to the floors creaking or something.   WRONG!  After a few more clicks the next night I got suspicious.  I had a dresser beside my window so I got up and opened my top drawer and started saying things like, "No I don't like this one." and "Nah this one is old." Letting the person outside taking pictures time to get comfortable enough to come out if hiding if they though I was going to the window.  A couple minutes later I yanked the window open and starred into the eyes of Alan Jeta.  I looked down and saw him cramming his junk into his pants.  Angst.  I never felt safe in my house again.


Hell no.  I was not sending this out to the next person no matter how bad their stories were.  I searched the book trying to find a hint of whose book this might be.  It just couldn't be Elizabeths! All I found though was a small note on the back that most people probably missed, that was smudged and worn out and barely noticeable that read, 'Pass this on or everyone will find out and a second copy will be released.' 

No.  I refused to pass this on.

The End

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