Chapter 3: Liar, Liar.

Derek Kloon:

I find it really ironic to this day.  I remember it clear as day. I was listening to Liar Liar by The Used.  My mom had come into my room holding a thin brown package.  

"Here, Derek." She said tossing it to me, "It just arrived a few seconds ago."  

"Thanks." I said as she walked out the door, shutting it behind her. I inspected the package, there was nothing special about it.  But it had no return address on the front of it which I found very odd.  I, at the time could care less though.  I unwrapped the package to find a regular sized black notebook.  It had no fancy cover or a name on it.  I turned it over and saw a list of names on the back with mine there too.  This I found extremely weird.  I opened up the first page and read it.  Then the next and the next.  Then it was my turn to face my part in the story.



So Derek, how are you? You know you probably have the worst story yet.  Not only did you lie but you publicly humiliated me in-front of the entire student body.  Lets go back to that day shall we?


I knew what I had done already.  I didn't want to read it over again.  I was already ashamed of what I had done but I couldn't help myself I had to read the whole thing.



You had started the rumour most know, and most believable about the whole shirt thing.  You were the first person Katie told and that second you twisted it and changed it.  You even admitted it to me, but no way would you admit it to the school.   What you did a week later was unforgivable until now.  

I was late for P.E so I didn't get changed.  I was wearing that button up plaid t-shirt.  I was grass green, baby blue, chocolate brown and white.  And it had that little brown belt that tied up at the hips.  I was also wearing those denim short shorts that I adore and wore like every other day, just enough time to wash them. I was sitting on the stage lacing up my running shoes.


I remembered that outfit.  It looked really good on her, showed off her long tan legs.  It made all the guys go crazy but no one wanted to admit it cause no one wanted to date the school slut.  They would bang her no problem but not date her.

I regreted what happened next.


I saw you talking to all of your friends, in the back right corner.  Occasionally one of you would look at me or point, I ignored this though.  You all shock hands and you, Derek, you started to walk towards me.  You would look over your shoulder her and there and your buddies would laugh and give you the thumbs up.  I was getting really nervous but I refused to look at you any more.  I wanted to be invisable to you.  You starred at me with a dangerous smirk that made me fidget.  You came up beside me and I got up to move away from you.  

"Elizabeth, wait I want to talk to you." You said grabbing onto my wrist.  I tried to pull myself free from your grasp put you held tight.

"Relax." You said.  You placed your other hand on my neck and slid it down under shirt.  A unwanted shiver went down my spine.  You had a firm hold on my shoulder so you let go of my wrist and did the same thing to the other side.  What happened next, I'll never forget.  You moved your hands in such a powerful jerking motion that the buttons on my shirt burst and I stood there topless, in shock.  Everyone pulled out cell phones and took pictures and sent them to all of their friends.  It was horrible.  And you, Derek, you skipped back to your friends were they each pulled out $5 and patted you on the back.

Thank you, Derek for ripping me of my dignity.  


I read the words, 'I'll never forget.' over and over.  It caused me pain, to much pain.  I finished reading the book.  At this point I owed it to everyone, especially Elizabeth.  I re-rapped it and sent it on to the next person on the list, Lily Fredricks. 

The End

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