Chapter 2: My Part.

Katie Larter:

It was the third day since Elizabeth had died.  I didn't really care though to tell you the truth.  I barely knew her, well I knew what type of girl she was.  A tramp, was what she was.  She didn't have allot of friends, actually she had none when she died.  Big deal though.  I heard she had shot herself in the head and blew her brains out. If that was the case good for her she didn't mean much to me.  I was at home when the package arrived.  It was Saturday November 9th, 2009.  It landed on the floor with a loud smack, as I was walking down the stairs making me jump.  I bent down and picked up the package.  There was no return address.  That was odd.  I unwrapped it and was shocked to find a black notebook in it.  What the hell was this.  I opened it up and read the introduction page.  This was stupid but I was curious so I read the next page and the page after that.



So Katie I bet you are probably wondering what you could have possibly had to do with me.  We weren't friends and we never talked at all.  But shockingly you made the snowball Erik had started even bigger.  It all started with that kiss you witnessed.  You and me had talked about it briefly after it had happened.  If I remember correctly Erik was dating Tessa at the time.  

"Don't worry I won't tell anyone, your secret is safe with me." You had promised. 

"Thanks!  I didn't mean to kiss him. " I stated, and that wasn't a lie.  I wasn't planning to kiss him flirt with him, yes.

"you know he is dating Tessa, right?" You said to me.

"He is?!" I was shocked! I was new to more than half of these students since my middle school had such a small grade 9 class.  I wasn't the most popular girl so I hadn't known.  By second block everyone seemed to know.  I would walk down the hall and people started whispering and talking and shouting things at me.  I had been betrayed.


I remembered that.  I told my inter class about it and from there everyone found out.  It got texted to another class and they all found out and it kept going on like that. I didn't know that would be the outcome of it but I was jealous of her.  She was extremely pretty and all the guys had a crush on her.  There had to be a way to make her ruined and I found it. So i guess I did mean for it to turn out the way it did.  But still this so wasn't enough to make some one pop a gun. 



Soon no one would even talk to me.  I had gotten the worst reputation.  And soon the rumours can out.  They were absolutely ridiculous.  There were the ones that said I had undone my button up shirt and he had his hands in my bras to the ones that he undid the zipper on our pants.  It was  a simple two second kiss. Now you know the truth about what happened.  No confusion about what happened now.  You are the one who started the rumours and the lies and made me the most un-liked girl in school Katie.  I'm not mad at you that wold be stupid.  I'm dead now and I didn't want to take my secrets about this to my grave, if you know what I mean. I guess you kind of don't but you will when you get old and die or do the same thing as me. He-he.... okay that's not funny. But it is to me! 

Well Katie, do you want to know who the worst rumour came from? I do.  It came from the one and only Derek Kloon. So Derek it's your turn.


Okay this wasn't bad at all.  Gosh none of this so far was enough to make someone kill themselves.  Just sounds like Elizabeth over reacted.  I continued reading though.  I wanted to know what everyone else on the list had done.  She was right it made since at the end. I re-wrapped it and put Derek's mailing address on it.  Instead of mailing it though, cause that would take far too long, I dropped it through his letter slot and ran. 

The End

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